• Parking assistance

    Parking has never been so easy as it is now, low cost and yet effective products.

    - Parking sensors;
    - Rear cameras;
  • Infotainment

    A more intuitive connected car experience. Create a truly immersive in-vehicle experience with Logigo Automotive infotainment system solutions.

    With a great range of hardware to offer, such as Freescale, MTK and Qualcomm, our connected platforms using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with pre-integrated support for QNX, Linux and Android operating systems—providing a wide range of navigational and multimedia features that offer drivers higher levels of awareness, security, performance and entertainment than ever before.

    Your car, connected!
    Bring the latest technologies to your customer, we are ready to implement. Android Auto Apple CarPlay QNX

    Intuitive offline navigation with non connected web resources Windows CE Android OS
  • HUD

    Our Head UP Display technologies will give you great interaction while keep focused on traffic
  • Digital Dashboard

    All information in same place? Yes, with our Digital dashboards, we can aggregate as many information as possible, all in same place, providing a more value-added solution, ensuring a safer ride.
  • ADAS - Advanced driving assistance systems

    We can warn you about the blind spot, we can tell you to break once you forgot, we can give you 360o clear image to help on parking, we will not let you run out of your lane, we will record everything that happens during your ride, below, our latest technologies:

    - BLIS - Blind Spot Information System
    - FCW - Front Collision Warning
    - 360Âș camera
    - LDW - Lane departure Warning
    - DVR - Driving Video Recording